Organic Malabar Black Pepper Powder

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Organic Black Pepper Powder

Known as the King of Spices, the black pepper is one of the most consumed spices in the world.

Grown in the southern hills of India, the Malabar Gold is a spice that has maintained its consistency in quality throughout the test of time. The pepper berries nurtured in an adequate environment, are handpicked with care to bring the best quality pepper to your homes.

Found nearly on all dinner tables around the world, a pinch of its powder is what it takes to spice up even the blandest of foods. Be it your salad dressing or a poached egg, sprinkle a little and enjoy an earthy flavour that is sure to strike even the sophisticated palates. However, this spice is not just another addition to your gourmet. The Malabar Black Pepper Powder contributes to your health with its intact ability to help you with digestion along with other medicinal properties. It is also widely used in Aromatherapy.

Bolted up with its true essence, Nutrispice™ Black Pepper Powder is an organic spice that gives you the much-needed authentic Malabar flavour on your plates! Add in a little of this exotic black pepper powder, sneak in those pungent and woody flavours, and experience the difference in your favourite recipe!

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