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Coriander Powder

Also called the Chinese Parsley, coriander comes from the Parsley family and is known for being completely edible. The leaves and dried seeds are commonly used in cuisines around the world. The leaves, often referred to as ‘fresh coriander’ serves a different taste with citrus overtones. Its seeds are used as a whole spice, in powdered form, or as a raw material for essential oils. You can roast the dried seeds to elevate their flavour and aroma.

Ground coriander is an aromatic spice, with an earthy fragrance and a warm, nutty, spicy and citrus-like flavour. Used in a variety of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, the coriander powder is said to enhance the taste of food. This ingredient with citrus flavour works out great with savoury dishes and recipes. It is the secret spice that brings out the taste in falafel and Egyptian dukkah!

With Nutrispice™ Coriander Spice Powder, we offer you the 100% natural version of this spice that is sure to complement your dish. Try out this incredible spice in your local dishes and experience what’s in store for you!

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