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  1. May 12, 2021

    StomaX™ : Feel the refreshing/calming tranquility in your stomach

    A sizable population worldwide has been reported to suffer from one or more gastrointestinal disorders, which ultimately affects their quality of life. These are disorders with a wide range of symptoms, ranging from dyspepsia to severe carcinomas. Functional dyspepsia (FD), a persisting dyspepsia condition characterized by discomforts such as bloating, early satiety, postprandial fullness, belching, heart burn, indigestion, and epigastric pain has been reported to cause about 10-30% prevalence worldwide. The absence of a safe medication to manage this condition of health is a major challenge in the current scenario.

    Ayurveda, the Indian System of Medicine believed to be developed 5000 years ago, has beautifully described a spectrum of diseases that can be related to FD. Functional dyspepsia is regarded as a swatantravyadhi (independent disease), caused by conditions of aggravated pitta (amlapitta) or indigestion caused by aggravated pitta (vidagdhaajeerna).

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  2. April 26, 2021

    Recondition your joints in the natural way. EzWok™ for joint health

    In anatomy, a ‘joint’ refers to the union of bones. Cartilages, ligaments, tendons & synovial membranes are in harness with the bones to form a joint. There are mobile and immobile joints, in which mobile joints (synovial) make us to move. Wear and tear is quiet common among moving joints; the probability of degenerative changes are high irrespective of the chronological age. These changes may lead to osteoarthritis (OA); the patients usually suffer from pain and functional restrictions. As the disease progresses, the affected joints are presented with palpable or sometimes audible coarse crepitus and bony swellings (osteophytes) around the joint margins. Deformity, muscle weakness, wasting around the joint and mild synovitis may also be seen.

    Osteoarthritis is a highly prevalent rheumatic musculoskeletal disorder that has affected almost 300 million people globally. The prevalence of OA is rising due, in part, to the increasing prevalence of OA ris

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  3. April 25, 2021

    Marinades to Spice Up Your Favourite Foods

    A spicy grill, a juicy steak or your favourite tandoori chicken is no more a restaurant food if you have the perfect marinades that suit your needs. Marinades are now an inevitable part of fries and grills giving a distinctive character to your foods, with their spicy, hot, sour, or sweet flavours. What makes marination popular is its ability to break down the food tissue, allowing more moisture and more flavour to penetrate into the meat. Most marinades are infused with flavours using ingredients like spices, oils, seasonings and herbs which allow you to decide how your food should taste.

    Why do we need marinades?

    Marinating tougher cuts of meat tends to tenderize the meat and make them more pleasing to eat. Digestion of proteins becomes easier if the meat is marinated with naturally acidic additives, such as vinegar or citrus juices. In addition to that, marinades help to lock in moisture so that your meat doesn't dry and

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