Our Story

At Nutrispice, we believe that the cure to most of the illness known to mankind lies hidden somewhere among the things that we consume. So we devised a way to combine ancient wisdom and modern science to give you the finest and effective products that keep you healthy by improving your natural immunogenic response. This, along with our passion for exceptional cuisines is what drove us towards a journey of understanding and relearning the entire concept of food and health. Years of research and effort has given life to Nutrispice - a premium brand that offers some of the best health supplements as well as food ingredients. With Nutrispice, we choose to provide you with natural products that do not compromise on quality and are proven to be highly effective. In a world filled with adulterated foods, Nutrispice™ aims to offer the best and premium quality products that can add value to your everyday diet and distinctive tastes.


NutriSpice comes up with a range of natural and safe products (adulterant-free and contaminant-free), standardized for the phytonutrients, in a bioavailable form, with clinical studies to support the health claims at an optimized dosage and are easily consumable.

About Us

Haven't we all had spices and herbs from our kitchen at least once in our life to treat those simpler health ailments? It is this capability that makes spices and herbs an irreplaceable part of Ayurveda. However, the benefits can only be experienced if they are taken in the correct dosage which is seldom possible from natural sources as these products are not correctly standardized to the actual bioactive phytonutrients which give the real health benefits. In some cases, the taste, pungency and odour also make it difficult to consume them. Our brand products are manufactured at a GMP certified facility which is FDA audited and approved for the export of these quality ingredients. The health supplements are developed using internationally recognized natural ingredients and herbal extract brands that are clinically proven (peer-reviewed & published) to be effective for various therapeutic conditions at optimized dosages. These ingredients also undergo various stages of stringent monitoring and testing to make sure that all the safety parameters are met as per the FSSAI approved standards.

What’s unique?

Our nutraceuticals are your go-to products when you are in need of that extra support for your physical well-being. With an emphasis on health and safety, our products are not merely based on traditional or folklore medicine but are also backed by modern-research based studies. Nutrispice™ nutraceuticals are the incorporation of unique patented ingredients with traditional ones. Our confidence lies in the natural ingredients derived through cutting-edge analytical methodologies and evidence-based clinical practices that stand by their effectiveness. Most importantly, we have our people with their years-old knowledge in traditional medicine to create products that define and enable us to serve our customers with strictly pure health supplements and natural food ingredients that exhibit authenticity and originality. Let them prove their standards to you and you’ll know why we are proud of them!